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Game audio, VR, Audio Programming, Recording

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Sound designer | UK

I am a sound designer, audio programmer and artist based in Edinburgh (UK).
I design sound for a variety of contexts such as films, games, VR and installations. I am enthusiastic about collaborating and pairing my ideas with other creatives to make the most of a project. I have a keen interest in interactive sound where the user can be an active participant in the sonic output.
I hold an MSc in Sound Design from the University of Edinburgh, a BEng in Audiovisual Engineering from the University Carlos III of Madrid, and an MA in Graphic Design from the University Rey Juan Carlos.


Year Award Awarded for
2022 QMU Film Society Best Sound


Year School Course
2021 University of Edinbugh MSc Sound Design
2017 University Carlos III of Madrid BEng Audiovisual Engineering
2019 University Rey Juan Carlos MA Graphic Design

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