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Composer | independent | France

Julia Pajot is a composer researcher. The only artist creator in a scientific family, she approaches her work analytically. Awarded for most concert and film works, she judged on Annies Awards 2017 music committee, voting for Spirit and Annies. Pianist and dramatic/coloratura soprano, she started piano at 8 with my mother, entering junior GSMD 4 years later where she learned composition, earning a composition Bmus from Oberlin and Mmus from London Royal Academy. She lived around the world, holding both French Scientific Baccalaureate and American High School Diploma. Her works are scapes of abstract or narrative objects. Preselected for doctoral contract at 2019 SACRe (France), her crossmodal linguistics initiated in 2007 delegates senses to sound, aiming both development in art and therapies/prosthesis as physics and chemistry of perception and society.


Year Project name Client Role
2018 Fission (in post-prod) Tom Weston composer, sound design
2016 (reworked 2017) I Am That Boy Lagueria Davis composer, sound design
2016 Bunker Game Lionel Compte composer, sound designer
2015 Au Fil de l’ Eau Dominique Monfery composer, sound designer
2015 (future rework) Untitled concert composer
2014 Octopus Mom cine-concert composer
2014 Impulsion Kevin Soirat, Andrea Bernal composer
2013 (future rework) Dies Irae concert composer
2013 Hypnotic concert composer
2013 Isabelle Francois Lambert composer
2013 Pas de Deux Andrea Biferi, Zoe Flammang composer, sound design
2013 France Louise Thouret composer
future rework Ocean concert composer, sound designer
2012 Otto e Mezzo cine-concert composer
2012 (future rework) Sicilia concert composer
2012 Sacrifice cine-concert composer, sound designer
2012 Battle Scene concert composer
2012 Bodas de Sangre concert composer
2012 The Train of Life cine-concert composer, sound designer
2012 l’ Heure Noire Omar Marwan composer, sound designer
2012 Million Dollars Hero Fabien Poiriet composer
2011 Chute du Ciel (skyfall) director, experimental composer, sound designer, animator
2011 Poursuite Mortelle (death pursuit) cine-concert composer, sound designer
2011 Symphony 2 concert composer, sound designer
2011 The Labyrinthe Assassine (murdered labyrinth) concert composer, sound designer
2011 Sonic Spiral concert composer
2011 Violec concert composer
2011 Sextet 2 concert composer
2010 Coma concert composer, sound designer
2010 (revised 2011) Sons Lancinants (throbbing sounds) concert composer
2010 (revised 2011) Coulees de Lave dans les Tenebres concert composer, sound design
2010 Ondes (waves) concert composer
2009 (revised 2011) Tempete Ensoleilee) concert composer, sound designer
2009 Le Chant Nocturne concert composer, sound designer
2009 Demain des l’ Aubre concert composer
2009 Le CHant de ‘ Eternite concert composer
2008 Jeux et Nostalgie concert composer
2007 Une vague de larmes dans un ocean de joie (a wave of tears in a ocean of joy) concert composer
2006 Le Feu de la Vie (the fire of life) concert composer
2005 Andromaque concert composer
present Untitled concert composer
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Year Award Awarded for
2015 global music awards career achievement as “emerging artist: film and pictorial composer”
2015 various AU FIL DE L’EAU “original score”, “creativity/originality”, “sound animation on film images (score/song)”, “concept”.
2014 various IMPULSION “film soundtrack” and “short film original score”
2019 global music awards CHUTE DU CIEL (oncert) “composition” and “concept”.
2019 global music awards POURSUITE MORTELLE (concert)“composition” and “concept”.
2019 global music awards CHUTE D’EAU “composition” and “concept”.
2015 global music awards TEMPETE ENSOLEILLEE “composition” and “concept”.
2016 global music awards SYMPHONY 2 “innovation in sound” and “composition”.
2015 global music awards LABYRINTHE for “orchestral composition”
2015 global music awards SEXTET 2 for “composition”
2019 global music awards COULEES for “concept”.
2015 global music awards SONS LANCINANTS or “composition”.
2016 global music awards COMA “composition” and “creativity/originality” .
2017 global music awards ETERNITE for “composition”.
2009 Ascap finalist/Oberlin CD Demain des l’aube
2007 Ascap finalist Le Feu de la Vie
2006 Ascap finalist Andromaque


Year School Course
2009 Guildhall of Music and Drama (London) Junior preparatory (first study piano, second study composition)
2004 Awty International School French Baccalaureate (scientific section), American High School Diploma
2009 Oberlin College Conservatory composition Bachelor of music (Sholarship of merit, Dean’s scholarship Many concerts, around 1 per month, with works for solo to orchestra. Piano with Lydia Frumkin.)
2009 Centre Acanthes 2009 commission for a piece
2011 Royal Academy of Music (London) composition Master of music (Studies with Simon Bainbridge among others. First recipient of the Sylvia Glickman Scholarship. many works for solo to orchestra, concerts and commissions by the Royal Academy of Music with different ensembles, such as for TEMPETE ENSOLEILLEE (2009, reworked 2011) with 14 strings RAM solosits and Clio Gould of the London Sinfonietta, and for ONDES (marimba solo) as part of concert of composer in residence Beat Furrer. Projects with the Bristol School of Animation (Feb 2010 DVD) VIOLET, violin and electronics, played by Aisha Orazbayeva on June 3rd 2010.)

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