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Sound Mixing & Mastering, Field recording, Foley artist, Composing

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About Julian Virag

Sound designer | Croatia

When I was 11 years old, unlike other kids dreaming about becoming an astronaut or similar careers, all I wanted is to have my own studio so I can produce music professionally and work in audio industry. That dream somehow faded away over the time forced by wrong choices and life circumstances. 16 years later, I’ve made some drastic life changes in order to get myself an education that would help me to achieve that dream. Now, when I’m really close to reach that goal, I’m not giving up this time! Today, I’m a proud SAE Institute graduate and Alumni member for Audio Engineering.


Year Project name Client Role
2016 At the Border (short movie) Laurent Rouy Sound editor, foley artist
2017 Freelance Projects Sound Design, Music composer, Mixing and Mastering engineer, Post production
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Year School Course
2013 University of Rijeka Bachelor of Economics
2016 SAE Institute Audio Engineer

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