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Location sound, field recording, sound mixing, broadcast sound

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About Justas Levickas

Sound editor | MB Tylos | Lithuania

I have over 10 years of experience in sound. I’ve started as broadcast sound engineer, mixer at outside broadcasting company. Worked there for over 5 years and gain a lot of technical skills and valuable experience including how to do well in extremely stressful conditions.
After that I moved to commercials and corporate work and am still working in this market for over 5 years now. That includes basically all sound roles from production to postproduction such as location recording, sound editing, sound design an mixing.
Currently I’m heading more towards cinema and bigger commercial productions and have already done some short films and big scale commercials locally.
I have good organisational skills, I am responsible, fast learner and good listener. Also have no problem communicating with different people and solving complex problems on the fly. One of the main pros I think I have is meticulous attention to detail and everlasting strive for a perfect sound in any project I’m part of.


Year Project name Client Role
2018 Lympo Champion lympo.com Location recordist, sound editor, sound designer, mixer
2017 Timeless Paintings Promo timelesspaintings.fr Sound editor, designer, mixer
2016 VMG Desert Show VMG Sound designer, mixer


Year School Course
2011 Kaunas University of Technology Music technologies

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