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Composer, Theater | KendrickEXPO | Japan

KendrickExpo is a maverick musician who defies musical norms, celebrating individuality and creativity in a world of conformity. He creates music that transcends genres and traditional boundaries, offering a fresh perspective on life and artistic expression through sound.
*Brand Story:
Born in Japan, he rejected the traditional pathways of Jpop,genre, and style. Instead, he ventured into uncharted territories, exploring the infinite possibilities of musical expression. His music is a reflection of his unique life experience, where he defies musical norms to create a symphony that speaks to the soul.

“The Voice of Unconformity”
– KendrickExpo’s music, fashion, art, and life story resonate as the ultimate anthem of unapologetic individuality, challenging you to join the chorus and break free from your own conformity.

Kendrick Expo’s music is a call to action, an invitation to rebel against conformity, and an ode to authentic self-expression.

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