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Voice Acting, Foley Artist, Sound Effects Artist

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About Kevin Tsing

Sound designer | USA | Missouri

I’m a Sound Designer, that started off doing Fandub Voice-Over, and uh delivering pizza and Chinese food, but no one wants to hear about that lol.

Ever since I moved to Missouri from Kansas, I had nothing to do. I quit my 66-77 hour per-week job delivering pizza and Chinese food, and decided one day, “Why don’t I try voice acting”. I had nothing better to do. I had no prior experience with it, and with that I had no audio equipment either. Luckily I stroke gold on a casting on CCC, and by gold I mean people who would later on become some of my close friends, and met some amazingly talented people from voice acting, sound editing, to artists. They opened my eyes to the world of Audio. Since then I’ve fallen in love with it.

I took up community college and decided, yes I need to find “Audio Classes” or whatever that meant at the time. Did some research and landed a class for Radio Production, I even got recommended and got to skip the prerequisite. It was simple I told the manager of the College Radio Station, I had prior knowledge of Audacity and Voice Acting. Back then I was very shy and timid (even more than I am now) so I thought I was being so brave then. I had to land this. I had an amazing time and learned so many things in Radio Production, however, Radio Production wasn’t something I wanted to do.

I really had the drive to do audio production for films, animations, video games, and voice acting. So, what did I do? I asked my instructor (who’s now a great friend of mine) “Radio Production isn’t really what I want to do, was there any classes that could help me for those fields”. I bet I broke his heart then, but he was so nice he helped me in anyway he could. He told me there was a way I could get some experience in Sound Design. It was the Honors Program. I partnered with 4 groups of animators which made 4 animations. I had to do Sound Design for all of them within a month. Stressful yes, Hard absolutely, but I also had amazing help and guidance from my instructor. Looking back at those projects, there were many things that could’ve been better, but hey it was my first time Sound Designing and I was proud at the time.

Summer Break was here, and I had nothing to do. I was watching a Youtuber and they mentioned their book was getting a short film adaptation. Wow what it would be like to work for the sound design for that. “Wait a minute, Why Not?” I went ahead and contacted the producer for the film. Told them I was an “Aspiring Sound Designer” looking for work. They told me to send them some samples of my work. “I didn’t have anything like that pertaining to film”. I searched up any films that had sword fighting in it, and found a video on Youtube of Rurouni Kenshin-Live Action. I redesigned the scene and sent it in within 2 weeks. Those were the longest 2 weeks of my life.

Now, I’m halfway towards my associate’s degree, and I’m Sound Designing for Shadow of the Conqueror Short Film, an Audio-Drama for Rising of the Shield Hero, and few other projects.

I hope to be a part of something great!

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