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Specializes in:

Game audio

Other skills

Sound design, audio intergration, interactive music, singing


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About Klaudia “Yrana” Bereczki

Composer | Hungary

Hi! I am a composer and sound designer with 3 ongoing projects.

I started working in game audio in August 2020, when I started to make sounds and music for a VR puzzle game. This work will be released in the next few month.
I finished a sound designer course, where I made music and sound for a unity sample project, called Explorer via Wwise.
Now, as my first payed project I am working on a sandbox mobile game, making music and sound effects, and integrate it into unity, using FMOD.

As a smaller project, I am making sounds for a VR shooter game in Unreal Engine.

I finished university as a choral conductor, and I learnt composing by myself during my studies. I am a gamer, and my dream is to build an entire world with sounds and music one day.

If there is something I don’t know, I learn it, google it, ask it on forums, as I am eager to be better.
I want to be a professional one day.


Year School Course
2021 MOME OPEN Sound design
2021 Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music Conductor

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