Specializes in:

Game audio

Other skills

Orchestral Composition, Sound Design, Audio Editing, Field Recording,

Highlighted references

• Winner “White Nights Awards” in St. Petersburg as “Best Sound In Games”, 2015
• Winner “Elements +3” category at “Giffoni’s Film Festival”, 2015
• War Thunder Heroes: The Concert, Gaijin Entertainment, 2014

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About Lorenzo Scagnolari

Composer | Freelance | Italy

I’m a professional musician, composer and sound designer with more then a decade of experience in the audiovideo medium. I manage the audio production (original music compositions, sound design and voice overs) for
the videogame industry as well as for trailers and commercials. Finalist at the 2014 and 2015 editions of
Brighton’s Develop Awards as “Creative Outsourcer” and finalist at the 2015 Australian Game Develop Awards as
“Excellence in Audio”. Winner in 2015 of the White Nights Awards in St. Petersburg as “Best Sound In Games” and
at Giffoni’s Film Festival in the “Elements +3” category with the animated short “The Mods”.


Year Project name Client Role
2018 War Thunder: Italian Forces Gaijin Entertainment Music Composer
2017 World Of Warplanes 2.0 Music Composer
2016 Ride 2 Milestone Music Composer
2014 The Mods Alimik Animation Studio Sound Designer
2013 War Thunder Heroes Trailer Gaijin Entertainment Music Composer
2013 Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf Launch Trailers Forge Reply Music Composer


Year Award Awarded for
2015 White Night Awards – St. Petersburg Best Sound In Games
2015 Giffoni’s Film Festival “Elements +3” Category with the animated short “The Mods”


Year School Course
2008 Accademia del Suono – Milan MCR Degree “Master in Rock Guitar”
2005 Liceo della Comunicazione “M.Assunta” High-School Scientific Degree
2000 Scuola Media Annessa al Conservatorio Statale di Musica “A.Steffani” Mid-School Degree
2000 Conservatorio di Musica “A.Steffani” Degree in Complementary Piano

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