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Production, Composing, Orchestration, Songwriting, Sound Design

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About Luca Fagagnini

Composer | UK

I’m a professional music producer and composer. I live my life surrounded by music whether it is written by me, or with extremely talented artists, recorded for clients, supervised for record labels or just casually listened during jogging. I find extreme fulfilment in crafting this art.

I work from my home studio, surrounded by gears, guitars, synths and basically anything that can enhance the creativity and inspiration in the process, with access to top end professional studio facilities when needed.

I have always been in love with music, playing, recording, mixing, collaborating, and teaching, and this led me to travel the world to develop my skills, achieving a Bachelor and Master’s degree in Music Production (First Hons).

​My aim with every artist, director and client I meet is to build a relationship and a creative environment that goes beyond the making of sounds to the release of the full emotional potential of the music we are crafting together.


Year School Course
2017 Leeds Beckett University MA Music Production
2016 Leeds Beckett University BA Music Production
2015 CSM College HND Popular Music
2013 CSM College ED Music

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