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Mixing, Editing, Recording, Mastering, Music Production, A&R

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About Marco Moreno

Sound mastering | Vox Luminosa | Mexico

Grammy Winner Sound artist / Music Producer / A&R / Mixing engineer
Grammy winning music producer / sound engineer / sound artist with over 20 years experience in the music industry. Produced many records that have been grammy nominated.

Your best option for all your sound and music needs.

Specializing in Mixing, Editing, Mastering and producing audio and music.

Born in Mexico, then moved to London UK to study and work in Sound arts, music and film.
Been working all my life in Sound production, sound engineering, music production, soundtrack mixing, and A&R.

I can do anything from sound design, to editing, recording, mixing, mastering and even distributing music or sound.

My studio is high end with equipment by Neve, SSL, Amphion, Adam, Urei, Dbx, Stam, Lavry, Antelope, Apple, Akg, Beyerdinamic, Neumann, Mojave and more.

My clients include : Sony Music, Universal Music, Warner Music, many independent labels, Sony pictures, Disney, Mtv, and many more.

✅œ” Quick turnaround
✅œ” Perfect sound
✅œ” Creative result
✅œ” Unique end product
✅œ” Long list of successful productions
✅œ” Professional workflow and results

Tools used : Pro Tools, Ableton Live, Logic, Neve, SSL.

Expert skills, experience and professional tools to offer you the best possible result.


Year Award Awarded for
2005 Grammy Recording

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