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• Haggis – Velvet Wolf Films

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About Mark Lees

Sound designer | UK

I am currently studying Sound for the Moving Image at Glasgow School of Art and have worked independently as a Sound Editor on a short film “Haggis” with Velvet Wolf Films, which aired on BBC Scotland earlier this year. I have a strong foundation of understanding audio post production and of the skills required to work efficiently in the industry.
I have been a musician for most of my life, including spending a few years as drummer for a band in which we both recorded in the studio and played live shows
I am able to both work as an individual, using my own initiative to adopt tasks that are in need of completion, and I am also able to take direction and work as a member of a team. As a person who has worked in the hospitality sector and in the Royal Air Force, I am used to working with people from all over the globe and relish in hearing criticism of my work from a new perspective.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Year Project name Client Role
2020 Haggis Velvet Wolf Films Sound Editor


Year School Course
2019 West College Scotland HND Sound Production

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