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Game audio

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Audio Implementer, Music Producer, Voice Foley and Foley.

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About Marko Zivanovic

Sound designer | Devotion Studios | Portugal

My greatest passion is Audio. Especially Sound Design for Video Games (which I’ve been playing since forever). It’s all about creating the right mood and ambience. The character of the game can really change with the character of the soundscape, and the world is filled with endless sound sources to make this happen.

Since 2013 I am the owner of a Sound Design and Music Production studio called Devotion Studios, which consists of a team of 3 Sound Designers, 3 Music Composers and 4 VO artists. I have a successful history of working in the AAA computer games and iGaming industries, both in-house and as an out-source company.

I am also an experienced music engineer and producer. I have worked with artists and bands like David Maxim Micic, Organized Chaos, Ambage, Face Off, Divolly & Markward, Fish in Oil, Ivan Belosevac and Majdan.

Audiokinetic Blog: hhtps://blog.audiokinetic.com/sounds-from-outer-space-hellion-game/


Year Project name Client Role
2018 Hellion Zero Gravity Audio Director
2019 Heroic – Magic Duel Nordeus Audio Director | Outsource
2019 Various iGames Relax Gaming Lead Sound Designer | Outsource
2017 Divulgence Organized Chaos Producer and Engineer


Year Award Awarded for
2019 2nd Dota 2 The International Short Film Contest
2019 3rd A Sound Effect Sound Design Contest
2017 1st MTV Adria Top List
2020 1st SAE Alumni – Best Audio Production Non-Music – Dota 2 The Curse Of The Immortal


Year School Course
2011 SAE Audio Engineer

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