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FMOD Integration, Unreal and Unity Experience, Sound Design

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About Matthew Harnage

Composer | USA | North Carolina

I am a game composer and sound designer based out of Raleigh, NC USA. These days I’m mostly working on freelance indie game scores and doing sound design on top of that. My biggest influences are Nobuo Uematsu, Yasunori Mitsuda, and Joe Hisaishi. I can compose in a variety of styles (and love doing so) but really enjoy working on a team for the long haul to make a fantastic gaming experience. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions you have and I’d be happy to answer them!


Year Project name Client Role
2020 MidKnight Story Durendal Arts Composer and Sound Designer
2020 Lemon Cake Cozy Bee Games Composer
2018 Cendric Ironbell Composer
2020 Alchemy Story Cozy Bee Games Composer and Sound Designer
2018 Nocturne of Steel Games by Bill B. Composer
2018 Above: The Fallen Light Loop Games Composer
2019 Anzen Echoes of War Reim Entertainment Composer
2018 Metal Shell: Neon Pulse Light Loop Games Composer
2015 Räka Sporkion Creative Composer
2016 Mega Museum Merchant Games Ltd. Composer
2020 Both Now, and Ever, and unto the Ages of Ages Ekilorea Composer
2022 – Now Magic Adventures Recoded Pte Ltd Composer and Sound Designer
2021 – June 2023 The Ranch of Rivershine Cozy Bee Games Composer
2021 – Now Mangato: Life In Taiyokawa Pumpkin Interactive Composer


Year School Course
2013 Winthrop University Music Composition
2016 Berklee College of Music Courses in Composition for TV, Films, and Games

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