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Other skills

Field Recording, Voice Artist, Acousmatic Composer, Sound Editor, SFX

Highlighted references

• Teaching – Basic Recording, DAW, Foley and Sound Designing for Desuup Skilling Program, Punakha, Bhutan
• Sound Design for Amnesiac Films, Anirban Datta for ‘Shamans of the Streets’ documentary film, Kolkata, India
• Sound Design for filmmaker/artist, Shumona Goel, for her installation work ‘Family Tree’, Mumbai, India

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About Michael Northam

Sound designer | USA | Oregon

Michael has been a exploring sound-as-art in over 30 countries for the past 30 years. He re-frames surroundings by relocating sounds and waking up spaces by using natural sound phenomena, synthesis and ready-made objects to create location based sound works. His intent is to intervene with the current media saturated culture by slowing down and listening deeper to the mysterious ‘otherness’ lurking quite literally under our noses.

Published internationally with several solo, group and collaborative shows his works are a constant testament of his tenacious ability to survive and work among vastly different cultural contexts. As a ‘professional’ foreigner, he situates himself in challenging locations and works found materials.

Recently he has been organizing listening sessions and creative sound-arts workshops in South Asia and acts as something of a cultural pollinator — bringing unheard sounds to places to share new experiences and techniques of DIY culture for the benefit of all beings.

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