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Specializes in:

Game audio

Other skills

Wwise, Unreal Engine 4, Unity, Logic Pro X, Foley, Music Production

Highlighted references

• Edge of Sanity – DADIU 2018
• Tundra – Thingbæk Limestone Caves Live Sessions
• Master Thesis – Gods of Soko: Designing a Nonverbal Game Through Sound Design

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About Mikkel Kolding

Sound designer | Denmark

Drawn to creative work from an early age, working with audio has always been in my cards. I have now been composing music for 10 years, and been working with sound design and audio engineering for 5 years. I am experienced working with both FMOD and Wwise when it comes to audio integration for video games, and I always ensure to create soundscapes that will match the mood and setting on the projects which I work on. In my work I utilize many different techniques such as field recordings, spectral editing, synthesizing, and studio recordings to get the results I want to achieve, and therefore I can guarantee delivering something unique every time.


Year School Course
2014 Aalborg Universty Bachelor’s Degree in Popular Music and Audio Engineering
2017 Aarhus University Master’s Degree in Audio Design

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