Other skills

Interactive sound design, Composing, Sound Editor.

Highlighted references

• Through A Dark Mirror, peracals
• Runaway, Serra Erkli
• Sydney Writers Festival (ad), Jason Gromley

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About Mirko Sangrigoli

Composer | Quaverflow | UK

I’m a music composer and sound designer with over 13 years of experience. On the side of being a soundtrack composer I’m also a professional session guitarist specialized in Jazz.

I’m proficient on guitar (Electric, semi acoustic, acoustic, classical, baritone and synth), piano and keyboards, drums and bass. At a much lower level I also play Tenor Sax, ocarina and hulusi.

I have an in depth knowledge of software such as: Cubase 10, Wwise and Adobe Audition CC. I also used Unreal Engine 4, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Logic, Reaper and DaVinci as support softwares for other projects.

My composition range from full orchestra to solo piano, daunting soundscapes, out there instrumental jazz, lush string sections, romantic backdrops, experimental sounds and more.

I strive to keep my compositions fresh and detailed and I’m able to deliver high quality works even with the shortest deadline.

I usually compose by improvising (and recording) something while watching the film I have to score and develop the ideas I’ve recorded afterward. This allows me to write music according to what I see in a more fluid, natural (and also less predictable) way.

I also create my own instruments once in a while, to utilize in my compositions.


Year Project name Client Role
2019 Photographer Yixuan Tu Composer
2019 Box Shangyuan Sun Composer, Sound Editor
2019 Runnaway Serra Erkli Composer, Sound Editor
2019 Teddy & Olivia Franklin G. Vaughan VR Composer
2018 Through A Dark Mirror Peracals Composer
2018 Her Dance Ksenia Gumerova Compsoer

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