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Composer | Philippines

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I'm a Freelance Composer and Sound Designer, based in the Philippines.

I am currently looking for new exciting projects to work on and collaborate with. I have experience writing a wide range of genres, from Classical Chiptune crossovers to Electronic Steampunk, Dubstep to Acoustic as well as a wide variety of sound effects. I have fair experience in procedural audio and middleware like Wwise and Fmod. I am passionate in what I do and I look forward to helping out with your game development and (but, not limited to) animation.

*Links to projects I'm involved are in the track description on SoundCloud*


Year Project name Client Role
2017 The Fabled Sky Red Trident Games Composer and Sound Designer
2018 Project: English Story FreCre, Inc. Composer
2019 ARCHCon 2019 ARCHCon Composer, Sound Designer, Audio and Music Head
2019 CosMania Cebu 2019 CosMania PH Music Spinner
2019 – 2020 Audio-Video Production and Creative Marketing AdVentures.Marketing Concepts, Inc. Sound Designer, Sound Engineer, Composer

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