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Foley Artist, Sound Designer, Sound Mastering, Audio Director,

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Composer | USA | New Jersey

I’ve been devoted to composing, recording, mixing, mastering, and performing music for eleven years. I am well versed in theory as well as audio engineering. I’ve invested the past four years of my life in the world of sound design. I record all of my sounds using a variety of condenser and ribbon microphones. For ethereal sounds, I use a variety of synths and oscillators to sculpt my sounds to my liking.

I’m ready and willing to work potentially for free. The art of composing and designing audio for games is new to me but not foreign. I enjoy titles like Mass Effect and Fallout: New Vegas for their fully immersive experiences. I am eager to dip my toes into this field of work and would take great honor in receiving a job.


Year Project name Client Role
2018 00::00 ModifySociety Mastering Engineer
2022 Limbo ModifySociety Producer, Mixing Engineer, Electric Guitar
2019 Halloweenies 4 Halloweenies Producer, Mixing Engineer, Mastering Engineer, Bass Guitar, Electric Guitar, Drums, Vocals


Year School Course
2018 Rahway High School Music Production

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