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Composing, Mixing, Programming, Performance, Installations, Sound Art

Highlighted references

• “Uncanny Valley” (Composing music for a Theater by Stefan Kaegi/Rimini Protokoll 2018)
• “Ghosting” (Sound design for a performance video by Monster Truck / Footprints of David 2021)
• Spezies (Composing and performance of music for a Theater by Oh!Darling 2021)

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About Nikolas Neecke

| Germany

Born on the 8th of January 1973 in Freiburg, Germany.
At the age of seven starting to have violin lessons at the Academy of Music in Basel, Switzerland.
After finishing A-Levels taking Basic Studies at the Scool for Art and Design in Basel. (1993 and 1994)
Degree course in Audio Design in the Elektronisches Studio at the University of Music in Basel. (1995 – 2000)

Working as a freelancer in sound design, composing and production of music for theater, silent movies, video installations, fashion shows and lectures.

Holding soundart and DIY workshops for school children.

Improvised performances with a bunch of circuit bent instruments under the name Autonomous Orchestra.

In the early 2000 part of the artist collectiv Videoorchester.

Beteween 2000 and 2012 performing concerts with the formation Octopus.

Beteween 2000 and 2005 designing and realisation of interactive sound installations in collaboration with Gilbert Engelhard. Presented under the label SONOgames.


Year Award Awarded for
2003 Kunstkredit Basel Stadt interaktive sound installation


Year School Course

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