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• Dark Ocean
• Breaking Fast
• Letter Love Letter

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About Oliver Moya Bueno

Composer | olimobu | music & sound | Spain

Hi! I’m Oliver Moya Bueno (olimobu), a composer, music producer, sound designer, clarinetist, pianist and music teacher based in Malaga (Spain).

My music is emotional and dramatic, halfway between the traditional orchestration and modern synthesizer sonorities.

Some of my major referents are music composers for audiovisuals such as John Williams or Nobuo Uematsu.


Year Project name Client Role
2011 Dark Ocean David Mariscal, Kevin Sanchez, Esther Arroyo, Arantza Marichalar and Alejandro Palacios Composer, Sound Designer
2015 Panspermia Lucas González, Juan Delgado, Jaume Fonte, Antonio Zamudio, Alberto Allegri Composer, Sound Designer
2015 Shmup AAA+ Juan Delgado Composer, Sound Designer
2016 Letter Love Letter Antonio Serón, Sergio Linares, Juan Delgado, Daniel Cruzado, Esther Páez Composer, Sound Designer
2016 Cannon Bob Daniel Moreno, Juan M Robert, Alejandro Ruiz, Alejandro Castillo, Víctor R. Rodríguez, Esther Páez Composer, Sound Designer
2017 Breaking Fast Francisco Moyano, Manuela Ruiz, David Mariscal Composer, Sound Designer
2017 Pulse Marta Triviño, Marta Casares, Lucía Herrero, María Quero, Mateo Quero, Tania López, Miguel Criado Composer
2018 Plug Life Rancho Games Composer, Sound Designer
2021 Pajarito Rancho Games Composer, Sound Designer


Year Award Awarded for
2017 Best Sound GranadaJam
2015 Best Sound MalagaJam


Year School Course
2013 CESUR Sound Superior Technician
2010 Superior Music Conservatory of Malaga Bachelor’s degree in Music (Clarinet)

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