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Audio editing, Mixing and Mastering, for Podcasts, Broadcast and Music

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About Otavio Alves Correia Leite

Sound editor | LabNomad | Brazil

From São Paulo, Brazil, I’ve worked as an Audio Engineer and System Manager for SESC Pompeia venue, from 2015 to 2018, working in 300+ concerts and plays from many known artists. I’ve Worked as a Webradio Audio Technician for the news website Brasil de Fato, as a support for the journalism crew in sound recording and editing for live news and radio spots. Nowadays, I act as freelancer sound engineer for live and studio, and sound editing for podcasts and journalism for Toribá Comunicações, with more than 100 of works done, being very accurate, fast and updated to the newest trends and standards.

User of Reaper and Pro Tools.

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