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Sound designer, audio branding, radio jingle, film audio, documentary

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About Othman Majhad

Sound editor | Morocco

I am Othman Majhad, a freelance sound engineer, specialized in the creation of audiovisual content for over 10 years, including mixing, dubbing, creation and sound identity, subtitling what are your needs, I have a solution for you.
My goal is to bring a new vision of sound to any production that produces high quality sound.

With an equipped studio, my expertise has never ceased to live on in this field where I have forged a personal artistic imprint, which allows me to respond to a multitude of projects, with a creativity that differentiates me and enhances clients’ projects with excellent value for money.

As a freelance writer I would be your ideal partner for your sound creation needs for a game, film, animation, radio jingle.
Whether for cinema, television, radio or internet, I am ready to meet all your expectations.

I work closely with my clients and take charge of their projects to realize their ideas to provide a PAD service.

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