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Sound designer, Theater | Self-Employed | USA | Pennsylvania

Building something out of nothing with my own hands is a passion I discovered at a young age and through which I developed the strong work ethic I live by today. I worked in construction from middle-school through college, where I learned what hard work and responsibility really meant. I am always learning, always building, always creating.
Bringing the sound a client hears in their head into reality and capturing it is the ultimate goal. It takes the feeling of a musician, the technical expertise of an engineer, and a little luck to find the perfect timbre. Getting the right sound on the way in and having to make only minimal adjustments, if any, later in the mixing process is the ideal way to approach any recording. It is well worth the extra moment to critically listen and get the right microphone in the right spot.
Communicating and connecting with a client is imperative. Cultivating a relationship and sense of trust between the engineer and the client alleviates the artist of their worries. The more relaxed the artist feels, the more they can focus on what they do best, and deliver one compelling performance after another.
Understanding signal flow is the single most important part of preparing for a recording. Few things bring a session and an artist’s energy to a grinding halt like not getting signal because of a simple patching error. If something does go wrong, following the signal path allows me to find the problem, fix it or adapt, quickly and efficiently.
When things break down, like they always do, being able to open it up and fix it yourself is powerful. Being handy with a soldering iron and other tools is something I pride myself on. From fixing XLR cables to restoring a Fender Rhodes, being able to keep equipment running is almost as important in a recording studio as keeping the coffee fresh.


Year Project name Client Role
2017 Last September Washington College Sound Designer
2016 This Is Our Youth Washington College Sound Designer
2015 Next To Normal Washington College Sound Designer


Year School Course
2019 The Peabody Institute of The Johns Hopkins University M.A. Audio Science
2016 Washington College B.A. Music
2016 Washington College B.A. Business Management

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