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About Abin Shakya

Sound designer | Nepal

I’m Abin Shakya, a seasoned music producer, composer, and sound designer with over 6 years of experience in the industry. I’ve worked with highly acclaimed artists from Nepal and abroad, which has helped me grow as a music producer and engineer.

I have a strong foundation in music theory and composition, along with being a certified DJ, which has allowed me to explore different genres and experiment with various techniques.

As a music director and composer, I’ve worked on projects for brands like BBC, Samsung, WHO, and realme. Besides this, I actively compose, produce, mix, and master music as an independent musician. I work on film scores for TV, documentaries, and films from my personal music facility based in Kathmandu.

I founded Miyani Sessions, an artist discovery platform, and worked as the executive producer for Jatayu Records, an ethno-fusion project. These experiences have helped me develop the project management and leadership skills necessary to undertake large audio projects.

Overall, I’m passionate about creating high-quality music that resonates with people and tells a story. I’m excited about collaborating with artists and exploring new avenues to grow as a musician and producer.

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