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Composing, Game Audio Integration (Wwise), Synthesis, Foley, Mixing

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About Robert Thomas de Boer

Sound designer | USA | New Jersey

Sound Designer and experimental Composer with a background in professional creative writing and theater arts. I’ve been an amateur musician and sound designer for years, focusing on my own projects, but in the past year I’ve invested my full time, energy, and resources into making this my new reality through the constant learning of fundamentals and new techniques in music, audio software, and production.

My other lifetime passion, Storytelling, heavily informs everything I do and how I create. I’m hoping to bring my skills to Film, Television, and Video Games to cut my teeth in the industry so I can continue to learn, develop, and help other creatives bring their visions to life through the magic of sound.

For all work, I have access to a home studio fully capable of producing professional quality sound.

Although I’m only starting my audio journey as a professional, I can promise the highest level of attention to detail in any job I take on. I’m extremely easy to get along with, personable, and above all, I’m interested in hearing your vision and working it into your project.

Let’s tell a story together.


Year School Course
2012 Bellevue College English Literature

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