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Film audio

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Sound design, recording, mixing, mastering, live sound, foley, audio

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About Rory Conder

Sound designer | Red Mountain Audio | UK

Red Mountain Audio focuses primarily on consciously designed sound for multi-media products, be it documentaries, films, branding etc.

Sonic art can transform the moving image, immerse the viewer in the world portrayed or emphasise the emotional provacation of language documented. Special attention to the sonic soundscapes is crucial to achieving the best result, and that is what we do. There has never been a more interactive time for media, with content sharing opportunities broader than ever


Year Project name Client Role
2020 Refuge Callum Forster Composer
2019 How I Ate My Father Twiggy Absinthe Mastering
2019 Long Haired Kings MONAD Composition, mix and master


Year School Course
2013 Diploma Sound production

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