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About Ronald van der Spek

Sound designer | Siesta Sound / Compact Sound Equipment | Netherlands

More than 25 years a allround Sound Professional, from live and studio music recordings and mixing, to dialog recording, design, editing and mixing on movies. Working with a high standard of equipment, also development of new products that can help other sound engineers to there job essayer.

Primal Equipment,

Sonosax, SX-ES84 – 8 Ch. mixer analoog/Digitaal
Sound Devices, 788t, 12 Tracks 24 bit 192 khz, Timecode
Audio Ltd., 2040, TX, TX mini & HX.
Ambient, Clockit Master Slade ACD 301 RF (418Mhz)
Schoeps, CMIT, CMC 6 xt, MK 21, MK 41, MK 8, MK 2, MK 2h
Sennheiser,MKH 416
PDA, 4060 (Black & Skin color)
Sanken, Cos-11 (Black, White & Grey)


Monitoring, Focal CMS40, B&W 801, B&W 808

Avid Pro Tools, 12 & 12 HD
iZotope, RX.

Antares, Auto Tune, Harmony, Throat, Aspire, Mic modeler.
AudioEase, Altiverb, Speakerphone.
Arturia, Jupiter-8v.
Bias, SoundSoap.
Blue Cat, Analysis Bundel.
Digidesign, Synchonic, Soundrepacer, Access Virus indigo, Classic Compressors, Joemeek, Dolby Serround tools.
Focusrite, d2, d3, Forte suite, MidNight.
Hofa, IQ Analyzer, IQ EQ, IQ Reverb.
iZotope, Ozone 5, Insight, Iris, iDrum.
Serato, Pitch &Time.
Sonnox, EQ, Dynamics, SuprEsser, TransMod, limiter, Inflater, Reverb.
Sound Toys, PrimalTap.
SPL, DeVerb.
Lexicon, LXP reverb.
NI, Battery, Kontakt.
Nugen, LMcorrect, ISL, Stereoizer, Monofilter, Stereoplacer.
UVI, AP-09, X-Treme FX, Plug Sound Pro.
VocAlign Pro.
Waves, Diamond, Aphex Exiter, DeBreath, GEQ, Element.
Zynaptiq, Unfilter.

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