Specializes in:

Game audio

Other skills

sound designer, sound editor, mixing

Highlighted references

• Proyecto interraciones
• octopath traveller, contra, final fantasy, journey to silius, street fighter
• Vangelis, tangerine dreams

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About Santiago Hernan Duran Paredes

Composer | Argentina

Hi everyone my name is Santiago Hernan Duran Paredes or Sh_duran last one is my artist name. I am someone who enjoy make songs and share my work with the others. My musical career started with the band, I was a keyboard in the band. In the pandemic the band split but I continued by own. I started to play electronic music, but in 2022 I decided to learn about music for gaming, because a love video games and heard OST and music in the video games its awesome for me.


Year School Course
2018 UM University System Engineer Degree
2022 UTN University Audio for gaming

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