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Film audio

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location sound, re-recording mixer

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About Shawn Chen

Sound designer | Aux Punch Music | Taiwan

Sound is that one punch you need to accelerate your video into the professional level.

Over the past 4 years that I worked in sound, I found that audiences judge a film by how it sounds. It’s not that all the audiences’ focus is on sound, but rather how bad sound can pick up their attentions.

My job is to help the film gets professional sounds that will enhance the atmosphere of the theatre world without the audiences even notice about the sound track. I like to get ideas and inspirations from elements within the video and expand that little elements into something interesting. That way, the theme is consistent but the meaning is elaborated.

Here in Aux Punch Music, we’ve served many production companies and directors all over the world including Taiwan, China, France, USA, Canada, and Spain. I’m very happy to assist your production and bring out it’s unlimited potential.


Year School Course
2014 Grand Valley State University Film and Video Making – Sound

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