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Sound Designer, Beat Maker, Producer

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• Adidas
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About Simon Lundsgaard

Composer | Denmark

As long as I can remember, I have had a passion for both movies and music. So becoming a film composer was the natural choice for me.

Today I compose for both traditional orchestral instruments and electronic music. I find that each has its own unique qualities and can add a different dimension to the music in a film. Sometimes, I use a mix of both to create a more dynamic and varied score.

As a record collector I am constantly inspired by the universal power of music in many different cultures. I strive to be versatile in my approach to creating music, embracing a range of genres and styles, and remaining open-minded and eager to experiment with new ideas.

In addition to composing, I also enjoy collaborating with directors and producers to understand their full vision and create a score that complements it perfectly. I believe that film music is a collaborative art, and it’s important to have a strong working relationship with the creative team to achieve the desired result.

To me, composing for film is the perfect marriage of my love for music and my passion for movie making. So it is a great privilege to work with the art form and be able to bring stories to life through music.


Year Project name Client Role
2022 C&A | You Do You C&A Composer
2022 Adidas x F. C. Copenhagen | Away Jersey Adidas Sound Designer
2021 Cold Maus da Fita Composer / Sound Designer
2022 Zapier | Set Your Work in Motion Zapier Composer
2021 Selected | AW21 Selected Composer
2022 Sand Copenhagen | AW22 Sand Copenhagen Composer
2018 Bad Banks Arte / ZDF Assistant Composer
2020 Complex of Shadow Maus da Fita Composer / Sound Designer
2022 C&A | Outerwear C&A Composer
2022 Tonsure | AW22 Tonsure Composer
2018 Ciel Rouge 1001 Productions Composer
2022 Vidisova George Productions Composer
2021 Handelsuddannelsen | Let’s Do Business Handelsuddannelsen Composer / Sound Designer
2021 NA-KD x Josefine HJ | Earth NA-KD Composer


Year Award Awarded for
2020 Wildsound Festival Best Sound & Music


Year School Course
2018 Sonic College Media- & Sonic Communications
2012 European Film College

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