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About Simon Lundsgaard

Composer | Denmark

I am a music composer and producer who works from simple and deliberate ideas.

Through my career I have spent a great deal of time researching how music and emotions are connected; how music can underscore a narrative, a mood, or a collective atmosphere.

I have professionalized my ability to work dynamically within a frame where deadlines, accuracy and creativity need to be in balance. Scheduling is essential, nevertheless experiments and wry thinking in the creative process drive me to dive into the world of a project.

I have experience within various genres ranging from Bulgarian folk music over South African ghetto-house to 80’s italo disco. Credits of mine count music for an Emmy nominated TV-show, official cinema trailers, artistic short films and much more.


Year Project name Client Role
2017 Bad Banks Composer’s Assistant
2020 Cold Composer
2019 Complex of Shadow Composer
2017 Ciel Rouge Composer


Year School Course
2018 Sonic College Media- & Sonic Communications
2012 European Film College

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