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Film audio

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Compising, Radio art, Sound design, Mastering, Field recordist

Highlighted references

• CTM Festival
• Lincoln’s Festival of Sound

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About Sol Rezza

Composer | Argentina

Sol Rezza (7/4/1982 Buenos Aires, Argentina) is a sound designer and radio producer specialized in radio art, recording, field recording, sound design for media, post-production and audio mixing.

Since early in her life she developed a deep interest in radio and media, which led her to have formal studies in the field of communication and audio. She has been a notable advocate of radio art and radio experimentation in the radio scene in Latin America. Radio is her main work ambient; nonetheless her works aim to experiment several approaches playing with spatial resonances: surround, performance and live mixing to create immersive audio experiences.

She has consolidated as well a solid reputation as an experimental composer, with several albums reflecting an unusual mixture of narrative and sound design. Through different techniques of recording and manipulating sounds she specializes in creating sound environments, electroacoustic compositions, soundtracks, sound effects, experimental radio, sound design for multimedia platforms and sound design for theater and installations.

Her compositions are based on the transformation of field recordings and composition using virtual instruments, indigenous instruments, experimentation with voices and foley. Her artworks are characterized by the experimentation with microphones manipulation, sound modified objects, field recordings and audio editing using layers of sound.


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