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Other skills

Sound design, recording, mixing, production

Highlighted references

• The history of the Danish Jews – Danisk Jewish Museum, Copenhagen, Denmark
• HEX! museum of Witch Hunt, Ribe, Denmark
• The first Emperor – China´s Terra-cotta Army, Moesgaard Museum, Aarhus, Denmark

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About Søren Bendixen

Composer | Audiotect | Denmark

Award-winning Composer of music and sound, stringed instrument player
Specialist in music and sound for Cultural Museums.
High end producerstudio
Working with every aspect of Sound/Music;
Playing, programming, composing, recording, editing, audiorestauration, sounddesign, remix and remake, music consultant for institutions and shops. Great knowledge of music in all genres


Year Project name Client Role
2011 – 2013 Composer in recidence Museum Østjylland Composer and sound designer
2014 The life of the dead Moesgaard Museum composer and sounddesigner
2015 The First Emperor – China´sTerracotta Army Moesgaard Museum Composer and sounddesigner
2016 Gladiator – Heroes of the Colosseum Moesgaard Museum Composer and sounddesigner
2017 working on a bunch of small projects inmutouch, Museum Østjylland composer, sounddesigner
2018 Djengis Khan Moesgaard Museum composer, sounddesigner
2019 Djengis Khan National Museum, Denmark Composer, sounddesigner
2019 Pompeji and Herculaneum Moesgaard Museum Composer, Sounddesigner, Foleyartist
2020 HEX museum of Witch Hunt Sydvestjydske Museer, Denmark Composer, Sounddesigner, Speakrecording/editing, Foley artist
2020 Neandertaler Moesgaard Museum Sounddesigner, Foley artist, Speakrecording/editing
2021 -2022 the history of the Danish Jews Danish Jewish Museum Composer, sounddesigner
2021 – 2022 RUS – Viking Moesgaard Museum composer, sounddesigner
2021 – 2022 Auf den Spuren einer Königin Slawen Museum, Grosraden Composer, sounddesigner
2022 Neandertaler – remake Natural history Museum Denmark Sounddesigner
2022 Out of Chaos Moesgaard Museum composing sounddesign
2022 Music (Album – classical music) Søren Bendixen Composer


Year Award Awarded for
2016 Monitor Industry award Sounddesign for “Gladiator – The Heroes of Colosseum at Moesgaard Museum


Year School Course
1999 Art school by XML part1
2000 Aarhus Technical school multimedia projectmanager
2022 Rebild Music school classical composition and arrangement

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