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Other skills

Max/MSP, Sound Design, Field Recording, Sound Editing, Mastering

Highlighted references

• CLSI – Cercle pour la Liberation du Son et Images
• CCMIX Paris
• Experimentalstudio Freiburg

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FAQ, About

About Stefan Tiedje

Composer, Theater | Germany

Stefan Tiedje is a german performer, composer and improvisor of electronic music and media.
He lives in Berlin, but works all over the world. He was musical assistant at Experimentalstudio Freiburg and at the CCMIX in Paris.
Beside manipulating the time structure of the sounds of musicians with his self created instrument “Les Ondes Memorielles” he creates computer programs for composers and musicians.
Stefan welcomes and treats any sound source from Tibetan Bowls to Objects trouvés or even sounds of the public. Everything is dedicated to the moment. Solving musical problems by technical means is also one of his interests, and both fields lead to a love of improvised music as well as of all contemporary music…


Year Project name Client Role
2017 My Mont d’Or Opera Brut Composer, Sound Editor
2004 Lichtbilder Karlheinz Stockhausen Sound Designer
2003 just charles & cello in the romantic chord La Monte Young Musical Assistant
2016 Exhibition & Performance Fundaçao de Serralves Electronics


Year Award Awarded for
1988 Home recording competition This is not just a demo
1988 Com- putermusic workshop of the Audiowerkstatt Berlin I sorgente calde di Pantelleria
1993 Silver Amadeus at Musik Kreativ Industrial Dreaming
2011 Operare Wie quälst Du mein Herz


Year School Course
1979 Phillipps Universität Marburg Physics
1988 TU-Berlin Electrical engineering, Acoustics

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