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Post Production, Sound Design, Location Sound Mixer

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• Glimpses into the spirit of Gender Equality,

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About Tanya Jones

Sound designer | MTJ | Greece

Hi, My name is Tanya, I am an audio engineer and can offer a professional and friendly approach for your Podcasts, Audio Books, Videos, Films, Songs, and whatever you need.

With over 20 years of experience including a Lecturer of audio production at a Russel Group University, a Location Sound Mixer for various TV shows, mixing films, TV, and Podcasts, and a sound designer and mixer for over 400 educational videos.

I enjoy audio work very much, for me it’s important to make every project shine with audio that enhances the words, the film sequence, the interview in order for your creative work to be the best it can be.


Year Project name Client Role
2023 Zagori Commercial Zagori Field recorder
2022 Akrites ERT 3 Field Recorder
2022 Open Up Oxford University Press Sound designer
2021 Plantic Hope Wrapped Productions Sound designer
2020 Glimpses BIC Field recorder/ Sound designer


Year School Course
2014 DeMontford MSc Creative Technologies
2002 Nottingham Trent BSc Audio Production

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