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Composing, Sound Design, Music Production, Arranging

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• Urban Empire (developed by Reborn Games / Bon Games) was a really fun project and I wrote tons of music in different styles.
• Pusher Music licenses and promotes my music to trailers and tv spots, and there have been awesome projects and music placements starting from 2011.
• I composed music to a horror short film Ghost Train, directed by Lee Cronin. I love moody horror films so this was great and thrilling project.

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About Tapani Siirtola

Composer | Tapani Siirtola Tmi | Finland

Tapani Siirtola (b. 1982) is a professional award-winning composer who writes emotionally driven music for trailers, games, and films. Tapani’s creative ability is to compose memorable melodies across a variety of styles, ranging from epic action-driven scores to more intimate themes for drama. He has composed to 20+ game soundtracks and you may have heard his compositions in various film, tv- and game trailers, like Assassin’s Creed Unity, Game Of Thrones final episode promo, Riddick, Daredevil Season 2 etc.


Year Project name Client Role
2019 Game Of Thrones TV Promo Pusher Music Composer
2016 Daredevil Season 2 Trailer Pusher Music Composer
2014 Assassin’s Creed Unity Pusher Music Composer
2017 Urban Empire Reborn Games Composer
2013 Alien Vs. Predator: Evolution Angry Mob Games Composer
2017 Nokian Tyres Corporate Video Alasin Media Composer
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Year Award Awarded for
2015 Kalevi Award Best Film Soundtrack
2008 Uneton48 Short Movie Competition Best Film Soundtrack
2007 Pirkanmaa’s Student Entrepreneur Student Entrepreneur 1st place


Year School Course
1999 Etela-Pohjanmaa’s Music School In 1991 Tapani began to play classical guitar in a music school. Tapani’s eight-year music studies also consisted of piano-, theory-, and music history lessons.
2006 Pirkanmaa Polytechnic Siirtola started his supplemental four-year music studies in Pirkanmaa Polytechnic, from where he got a bachelor’s degree in Media: Digital Sound & Commercial Music. During his studies there, he learned essential skills in recording, mixing, mastering, composing and music business.

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