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About Stephanie Merchak

Composer | Lebanon

With an academic background and technical expertise in music going back decades, Stephanie Merchak has done the sound design and sound editing as well as composed music for a variety of TV and radio ads, trailers and movies, during her 10 years employment as a sound editor, composer and sound designer for audio production studios in Beirut, Lebanon.

She is now a freelance sound editor, composer and sound designer.

On the other hand, as one of Lebanon’s few professional female electronic music producers, she has been working on bringing out her own touch of experimentalism.

Since 2009, she has occasionally performed her music live in Beirut (March 1st 2009 at the Basement, July 16th 2010 Minimal Effort 012 at Zico House, December 18th 2010 Minimal Effort 014 at Akros Lounge, September 8th 2012 Minimal Effort 018 at Damour River, September 21st 2017 at Dawawine, December 8th 2017 at Frequent Defect: Inept Apparatus)

She has released individual tracks, EPs and full-length albums both independently and on labels in France, The UK and the US.

Her tracks have been featured on various radio shows and mixes.


Year Project name Client Role
2010 Le Gabarit – TVC Le Gabarit Composer
2011 My Dubai My City 12sec MyDubaiMyCity Composer
2013 Tanmia 21sec TVC Rap Tanmia Composer, Sound designer
2013 Tanmia – 20sec TVC Western Tanmia Composer, Sound designer
2012 Al Balad Radio – Al Balad OnLine GENERIC Al Balad Radio Composer
2012 Al Balad Radio – Hiwar bil Arkam GENERIC Al Balad Radio Composer
2016 Hayda Ana Elie El Semaan Sound designer, Composer
2015 Illustrator World Joe Barakat Sound designer, Composer


Year School Course
2002 Lebanese University – Faculté de Pédagogie Degree in Music Educatiion
2002 Beirut Higher National Conservatory of Music Piano, counterpoint, musical analysis, harmony, occidental music theory, occidental solfeggio

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