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About Thibault Receveur

Sound designer | France

I’m Thibault, a French Sound Designer.
I focus on the linear process of sound designing, editing and have experience in short-movies, trailers, and cinematics.
But let me explain why I joined the Dark Side of the Force …
At the age of 3, the first movie that I was wrongfully introduced to was Jurassic Park…
Any normal child would have been rightfully traumatized after such experience, but I wasn’t. Instead I became completely obsessed with dinosaurs and how they were sounding.
This was the first spark in my journey into Sound.
Of course, it didn’t go any better when Star Wars – The Phantom Menace was released in movie theaters. The unconscious spark that I had turned into a roaring beacon, beaming ever brighter and pulling me ever closer to it.
My superheroes were never from Marvel’s Universe or DC’s, or any other you can name, but rather very human Sound Designers like Ben Burtt, David Farmer, Gary Rydstrom and Al Nelson who used their craft and their vision to make us believe that what we were experiencing was real.
I wanted to do what they were doing and it took me a while to find that the only thing that I deeply connected with was called Sound Design.

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