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About Timothy Adan

Sound designer | USA | Massachusetts

Hello! I have been a composer and sound designer since 2011. Games of all varieties have been a part of my life for way longer. Board games, video games, card games, all make me happy in equal measure.

I began as a composer, basing my style off of the Halo soundtrack and have slowly evolved my musical style to be some kind of electronic, middle-eastern hybrid. Pretty cool.

I have moved in to sound design shortly after I started and although I am confident in my ability to make most things, I truly enjoy making UI sound effects. Buttons, swooshes, bleeps and bloops. Quite therapeutic for me.

If you would like to hear more feel free to email me! I would be happy to chat.


Year Project name Client Role
2015 Unlocking Health Engagement Lab Sound Designer
2015 Eat Me Junglee Games Composer/Sound Designer
2016 Love Lime Dream Team Composer
2016 Sudden Stop Fortunato 7 Studios Composer/Sound Designer
2016 Head It Sam L. Composer/Sound Designer


Year School Course
2011 Berklee College of Music Writing and Producing

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