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Implementation, Music Production, Wwise, Unreal

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About Suleman Hussain

Sound designer | UK

*Seeking opportunities*

I am a Game Audio enthusiast who is highly interested in creating immersive environments for users to enjoy. For this reason I developed my skills in designing and implementing various types of audio from UI navigation sound effects, to Dynamic Weather systems and its implications on other elements such as the characters interaction with the world. I have experience with professional audio software & plugins, middleware tools and game engines such as Wwise and Unreal Engine. I’m also developing my C++ skills in order to gain a better understanding of technical sound design and games development.


I’m currently at Cloud Imperium Games in Manchester U.K, working in the core audio department as the Embedded Audio QA Specialist. Other companies I’ve worked for include Sony and TT Games. My experience working on titles such as Star Citizen and Driveclub allowed me to develop a good understanding of games development process and its life cycle. 

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