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Foley artist, sound design, sound editing, mixing

Highlighted references

• De terugkeer van de ijsvog
• Levende Rivier
• Schatkamer van de Veluwe

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About Olivier Nijs

Sound designer | Olivier Nijs Geluid | Netherlands

With a background in Art and Culture. I have over 20 years experience in capturing in- and outdoor soundscapes. Using a wide variety of (unusual) microphones and equipment. Since autumn 2009 I am involved in a wide variety of media productions. Ranging from Film, ENG, documentary to commercial.
As a sound recordist with a passionate ear I’m trying to not only capture a clean dialog but also all the tiny details to enhance a production and make it a real Olivier Nijs soundtrack.

Please check my website for more info.

Specialties: Location sound recording, Nature sound and ambience recording, Electronic Field Production, Audio Post Production, Improvising, lots of Patience

Gear: Sound devices 788, 663, Schoeps mics, Micron wireless, Sanken Cos11, Rycote, Panamic etc.


Year Project name Client Role
2015 Levende Rivier Ruben Smit Productions Sound designer, mixer, field recordist
2015 The Return Ispidia Wildlife sound designer, foley artist, field recordist, mixer, sound editor
2018 Wad Ruben Smit Productions Sound Designer, field recordist, foley artist

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