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Game audio

Other skills

Sound Design, Game Audio, Sonic Identity, Audio Branding

Highlighted references

• FoxTail
• Haydee I & II
• monobank

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About Vlad Plotnikov

Composer | VP Production | Ukraine

👋 I’m a co-founder, music composer, and creative audio producer of the VP Production agency. Our team crafts sonic identities for video games, brands, and apps.

🎶 My personal experience in audio creation is more than ten years.

💫 At VP Production, we believe that by using audio, we inspire listeners on both sides of audiovisual projects to live new experiences and discover their creative potential. That’s why we aim to work on the verge of pure creativity and functionality.

🤝 For the last six years, we were lucky enough to work with a bunch of great teams. Among them: monobank, FUIB Online, MAUDAU, Gingertips Game Studio (FoxTail game), Tower Games (Fate Hunters game), Indie Cup, PlayUA, Haydee Interactive (Haydee & Haydee 2 games), Martian Teapots (Trash is Fun game), Turbo Rocket Games (WildCraft & Animal Garden mobile games), Carpe Diem Solutions, VyshFest, Skymoons Interactive.

💭 Please feel free to reach out and tell me about your project, product, or idea. You can always ask me for advice or get a full free consultation on audio. I will be happy to get to know you and help.

✌️ Let’s connect: or

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