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Sound design, dialogue recording, field recording

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Composer | UK

Freelance composer and sound designer available for hire in the West Midlands, UK.

Decade of experience working on film and video games with particular experience in working on independent projects.

‘Will Bryce is an incredibly talented composer who has never failed to produce me amazing musical pieces regardless of how esoteric it needed to be. I have never been let down by his work, and it’s always a pleasure to work with him.’ – Sean Oxspring, indie games designer/producer.

‘In August 2020 I released a mobile game called Gallery of You, commissioned by New Creatives (a talent development scheme funded by BBC Arts and the Arts Council). It was a short escape room game set in an art gallery, with themes of nostalgia, identity, and memory.
I reached out to Will Bryce to compose the soundtrack for the game, as I knew he had provided sound for small games in the past and had an interest in making music for film and interactive media. I also knew that he had a good range of electronic music and classical skills. This was my first ever video game so it felt right to hire someone who is already familiar with the genre of video game soundtracks.

Will composed a beautiful short electronic work for the game. It was around a minute long and able to loop in the background for however long the user wishes to play. The very serene synth sounds matched the mood of the game perfectly, going through different sections without distracting from the gameplay, yet still a delightfully full and interesting piece of music. Players of the game, as well as people working on it, commented on the music telling me they had really enjoyed it and that it had definitely added to the atmosphere of the gallery environment. Working with Will was brilliant, as he very quickly understood the brief and although he happily gave me different options to choose from and provide feedback, he was happy to work on his own and provide the track in a timely manner.’ – Rosa Francesca, digital artist.


Year Project name Client Role
2020 The Gallery Of You Rosa Francesca Composer
2018 The Ballad Of Reginald & Tippy Sean Oxspring Composer
2014 Going Postal Sean Oxspring Composer
2012 Tribal Weirdy-Beardy Bobcat Composer & Sound Designer
2012 CCP Video Music Centre For Competition Policy Composer


Year School Course
2012 University of East Anglia Music

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