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Composer | UK

I’m Will, Veteran guitarist, with a year’s worth of composing experience. To add to this repertoire, I have been mentored by the musician and singer/songwriter Dave Tighe for seven years, and have studied under games developer Mark Lewis (CodeMasters, formerly) at university, gaining invaluable insight into the video games industry, it’s mechanisms and most importantly, the process to which games are constructed.

I’ve worked on several projects to improve not only my sound quality but my workflow over 2021 – from commissions with tabletop games company Isolation Games and streamers such as Cats-videos to personal projects like “ORIGIWILLS” and it’s first release “In Dieser Nacht”, and I am happy to start taking on work from the 14th September 2021 on game projects of indie scope and beyond.

I’m looking for internships in U.K. based games companies to further embed myself in this industry, and learn as much as possible.

To contact me, please flick through my portfolio and/or shoot an e-mail over at I’ll happily talk about anything you’re interested in-

But here is a quick FAQ:

What genre do you do?
Most of them? Most of them.

How many revisions on music do I get?
As many as you need. We’re working together to create music and audio that fits your narrative, your theme and your game – hence there can be a lot of interactivity! You’ll be kept in the loop, shown rough demos, feedback will be taken and implemented further into building up tracks closer to what you envisioned in your head.

Are prices set?
For the most part, they are, and they are available on my website – yet I am still rather new to the industry and can find many projects extremely interesting – and hence we can talk about pricing in meetings.

That’s right. E-mails are great, and if this is the best form of communication for you then that’s great – yet with the advent of online working over the course of the pandemic I’ve utilized very common tools such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom & Discord to speak with clients and gain a better insight initially at the sounds they want, and to gain more feedback. These are available to be booked at any time.

Thanks for checking out my profile at least, and hope I’ll be hearing from you soon!

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