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• The Cure (2016) (short film) Writer/Director – Nick Kelly
• Dagger Kiss (2016) (web series) Tucky Williams Productions & Stera Films, dist. Tello Films
• Star Trek: Alien Domain (PC game) Hang Ten Interactive, Game Samba & CBS Interactive

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About Will Phillips

Composer | Will Phillips Music | USA | Kentucky

Will Phillips is a composer based out of Louisville, KY. Will has written and produced the music for several games on multiple platforms, as well as: film scores, accompaniment pieces, jingles, stingers, and has also written and arranged pieces for various academic and performance ensembles ranging across a number of styles and genres. Will has collaborated with a wide variety of clients, from independent developers to CBS Studios. Other work includes transcription services, orchestration, and commissioned compositions and arrangements.


Year Project name Client Role
2016 For Honor: Vikings vs. Knight (short film) Tom Field Composer
2016 The Cure (short film) Nick Kelly (Picturehouse Collective) Composer
2016 Death by Game Show Oointah Games Composer
2016 Dagger Kiss Tucky Williams Productions & Stera Films Composer
2016 Death by Game Show (PC Game) Oointah Games Composer
2015 Scoops of Steps Thinkingseedstudio L.L.C. & dir. George Fuentes Composer
2015 Star Trek: Alien Domain (PC game) Game Samba & CBS Interactive Composer
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