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About Yazid Chabbi

Sound editor | The good tone studio | Tunisia

Sound Editor and re-recording mixer


Year Project name Client Role
2015 Lambèse, à l’ombre des Aures ranes com Sound editor/foley artist
2015 Diaspora Key picture sound editor/re recording mixer
2015 Saida manoubia Freesh prod re recording mixer
2014 bidoun 2 js prod Sound editor
2012 Babylon Exit prod re recording mixer
2016 The last of us exit /inside/mad box/svp Sound editor/re recording mixer
2018 Dachra shkoon prod sound editor,sound designer, re recording mixer


Year Award Awarded for
2016 Best sound at the 5th Tunisian filmmakers festival diaspora
2016 Mario Serandrei – Best Technical Contribution-Mostra di Venezia 2016 The last of us


Year School Course
2003 Higher Institute of musicology Sound
2006 Higher School of Cinema and audiovisual Sound

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