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Film audio

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Sound Supervisor

Highlighted references

• Nidos Musicales, Jorge Luis Reyes Gonzalez, Best Documentary.

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About Yeudiel Rosales Monroy

Sound designer | Río Revuelto | Mexico

I really love what I do and I tend to be very detailed in every work I do, I know this line of work can be done by anyone, but the truth is that not everyone gets the results that really matter. I think that it’s not about getting the job done; it’s about feeling the effort and passion that every part of any production did around the production.


Year Project name Client Role
2016 Viernes Casual Dystopia Films Sound Supervisor
2015 Etica a Nicomaco Tlanchana Films Sound Supervisor
2015 Zul Laniakea Films Sound Designer
2015 Nidos musicales Jorge Luis González Sound Designer


Year School Course
2015 SAE Institute Audio Engeneer

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