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About Ziqi Wang

Sound designer | Personal | USA | California

LA local sound designer/audio implementer/media composer, worked on school/institute theater production, mobile AR/VR games and indie film, etc.

Studied computer science and film scoring (orchestral oriented). Like to play around with interesting sound&hybrid music in all sorts of media, film and video game particularly.

Have ways around recording, editing, and mixing music, SFX, and dialogue. Had extensive experience with Logic pro X, Pro Tools and Izotope RX suite, a huge fan of Reaper for doing audio for game.

Have extensive experience with Unreal Blueprint and some c++ programming, used Unity3d and C# before, certificated in Wwise and used FMOD before. Used Github daily.

So if you are looking a guy that can do creative sound&music and put it into your game with awesome integration, you wont be disappointed.


Year Project name Client Role
2018 Future Storytelling Summer Institute – Unity AR Game UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television Sound Designer
2019 long Christmas Ride Home UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television Assistant Sound Designer
2020 Future Storytelling Summer Institute – Unreal AR Game UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television Sound Designer


Year Award Awarded for
2019 Wwise 101 Certificate Complete and finish the Wwise 101 Examination
2019 Pro Tools 101 & 110 Finish and pass the exams for certified Pro Tools user


Year School Course
2014 Brandeis University B.S. Computer Science
2017 University of California, Los Angeles M.S Computer Science, Sound Design, Film Sound Post Production
2018 UCLA Extension Film Scoring

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