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Audio editing, Sound design, Composition, Music production

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About Zhivko Nikolaev

Sound editor | Freelancer | Bulgaria

My name is Zhivko (you can call me Z for short), I’m Bulgarian but I have perfect understanding and good writing of English, I only need more work on my spoken skills.
I’ve worked as a freelance composer and sound designer since 2012 and still do occasionally. So far I work mostly with American clients but also with some European ones.
In the past years I’ve also worked day jobs with administrative nature so I’d have some extra stability but recently left so I’ll be able to focus on things I’m more passionate about – sound design and audio editing for audio books and podcasts.
In the past 2 years I’ve been doing podcast editing and I’m looking for more work in this direction and audiobook editing. I love listening to audio books, mainly in English, and I’d love to be involved in the creation process.

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