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Other skills

Foley Artist, Composing, Sound Installation, Sound Spatialization

Highlighted references

• Le Mystère Enfield (2015)
• Playtime, Jacques Tati
• Blade Runner 2049

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FAQ, About

About Adrien Glineur

Sound designer | Independent | Belgium

Composer, sounddesigner, musician

Adrien started playing music with the piano at the age of 7 at the Beloeil’s Academy in Belgium. He learned the basics of music and classical writing. Very quickly, he felt stuck in this approach, dreaming of a music with much more freedom.

At the same time, he discovered the musical possibilities of electronic music,
electroacoustic, computers, synthesizers and audio effects. He became passionate about it.
Today, he finished with distinction a master in electroacoustic music, acousmatic composition with didactic purpose at Arts² in Mons.

Under the name of “Adrien Rigel”, he composes music influenced by drum & bass, house and techno. He is an active member of the FTRSND (Future Sound) collective, assistant / project manager in the Brussels Electronic Marathon, a DJ at his spare time and a freelance sound engineer for various swing & jazz bands.
He has also started a new master in Cultural Management at the Université Libre de Bruxelles.


Year School Course
2017 Arts², Mons, Belgium Electroacoustic Music, Acousmatic Composition (Music Concrete), Sound effects for films

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