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About Bartek Baranowski

Sound designer | UK

I am a sound editor and designer, now living in Scotland (Thanks to my wife, who says she cant miss the second independence referendum). I spent last 9 years working full time in the field of sound for picture. 8 of those in Warsaw and one year in Glasgow. Mainly in the studio, with ProTools as a main tool, I’ve recorded, cut and mixed sound for almost every type of picture. Working in commercial studios, I specialised in SFX and Sound Design.
My studio set-up is built around ProTools HD. I have an extensive library of my own recordings gather in studio and on numerus locations (ambiences,atmos, wallas). My main interests lie in sound design. Even though I’m confident with the tools I know, I always try to grow and develop my skills and the arsenal of tools I use.
Apart from the studio, I also do location sound. I own a quality, up to date location kit, which I’ve used mainly for one man, documentary type of work.
I’m available for both location and post-production work across the UK. Check out my website www.bartekbaranowski.wixsite.com/soundservices and vimeo: www.vimeo.com/album/4487074
to see a selection of my work both from the studio and location. I’m passionate about my sound and how it can enhance and accompany the picture. I enjoy new challenges and I’m happy to take on any project – big or small.

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